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Terms and Conditions:-

Online bookings only at  Tarrant Valley Camping, we will email you confirmation of your reservation ,this enters you into a contract with us, which is subject to the Booking Conditions below:-


General Booking Information

 Booking Form: Booking forms are completed via the online booking system on our website.

 Booking Confirmation: We will send you a booking confirmation via email. You must be over 21 years of age to make a booking.

 Payment:  full payment must be processed via our accepted payment options online only. No cash bookings accepted. If the payment money is not received at this time we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Only pre-booked guests are permitted on site.

Guests can stay a maximum of 14nights.

Please display your Booking Surname in your vehicle windscreen during your stay.

 Cancellation or Changes

It is essential that you let us know immediately if you need to cancel your booking. Please telephone us and then confirm by e-mail to info@tarrantvalleycamping.co.uk.

 If you cancel your booking the following applies: If you cancel more than 48hrs before arrival, a full refund will be given.If you cancel within 48hrs of arrival your will lose your full payment.

 Cancellation or Changes by US: 

Once we have issued you with a confirmation, we will do our very best not to make any changes or cancellation to your booking. Sometimes changes do occur before or after bookings have been confirmed and very occasionally confirmed bookings have to be changed or cancelled. We promise to do all we can to avoid changes and cancellations but must reserve the right to do so.

Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances:
We are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event that we are prevented from fulfilling your booking as a result of circumstances beyond our control.Such circumstances shall include(but not be limited to)flooding,natural disaster,epidemics,pandemics,health risks or such similar events.

Fires / Firewood

Strictly only raised BBQ’S/FIREPITS are permitted. It is imperative they are raised off the grass for safety and to prevent scorch marks.

You must not collect firewood from the woodland area over the style or anywhere on site. Campers caught trespassing in the woodlands will be asked to leave the campsite.

Please bring your own Firewood, alternatively it is available from Rawston Farm Shop.

Fallen dead wood provides a natural habitat for many creatures. 



Dogs are welcome. Please ensure they are on a lead whilst on site and it is imperative you clear up after your dog please. Unfortunately we do not provide a dog waste bin on site. No other animals are permitted on site.

It is forbidden to leave your dog on site unattended at anytime.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival times are  between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Pitches must be vacated by 11:00 am on your departure date.

Noise Policy and Behaviour

This is a small scale, quiet, relaxed and laid back campsite. All electronic music and percussion instruments of any kind are not allowed. We ask that campers please respect fellow campers and our local neighbours. There is a LOW NOISE POLICY from 10pm around the campsite.

We reserve the right to insist that any campers who act inappropriately or do not follow our noise guidelines leave the site forthwith.

Government guidance regarding COVID-19

If any lock down restrictions are imposed again after July 4th, that prevents campsites from operating, you will be offered a full refund. This applies to bookings made directly on our website only.

For bookings made through third party sites we are only able to refund the portion of the booking fee we receive from the third party organization.  We are unable to take responsibility for refunding any of their fees, commissions or charges.

Travel Insurance

We recommend insurance to cover cancellation, loss, damage or injury. As a small business we are not able to act as your insurers and re-arrange your stay due to your changes in personal circumstances.

Car access / Parking

Only authorised vehicles(1 per pitch) are allowed access to the campsite area. Unfortunately, space is restricted and we do not have space for visitors vehicles.

The access tracks to the campsite are typical of farmland and we are not responsible for any damage done to vehicles over this rough terrain.

All cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles are parked at their owner's risk. 

Cleaning & Rubbish Policy

We ask that you please leave your Pitch as you found it.

As a pop-up campsite,we do not have rubbish collection facilities, so like many campsites we ask you to take your rubbish home with you. Thank you for your understanding. 


There will be wardens/staff at the campsite twice a day to clean toilets and check the campsite.

The warden/staff will be ensuring that noise is kept to a minimum during evening hours;BBQ's and firepits are raised off the ground; cars are parked in the correct areas; campsite rules are adhered to; security of the campsite and surrounding areas are secure; no electronic or amplified music is played and dogs are on leads.

The warden will, where necessary, enforce the low noise policy (please see details above).

It is a condition of your booking that you agree to follow the directions of our wardens and staff.

Your safety

Tarrant Valley Camping and the surrounding area include some rough terrain, trees, brambles and other natural hazards. Depending on the weather, conditions can be cold, wet, slippery or hot, dry and brittle. We trust that you appreciate we can take no responsibility for the weather conditions at the time of your visit. We recommend that you come prepared with suitable clothing and shade. Adults are responsible for ensuring their own safety and the safety of any children in their care. 

Tarrant Valley Camping reserves the right to close the campsite in extreme or dangerous weather conditions. The decision to do this is entirely at our discretion.

The use of gas cookers, gas heaters or naked flames is not allowed at any time in any of our bell tents or your own tents whilst on the campsite due to fire and carbon monoxide poisoning regulations.

Tarrant Valley Camping accepts no liability for loss or damage to possessions and/or personal injury. In making this booking you are accepting full responsibility for yourself, your booking party, your children/dogs and you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

All cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles are parked at their owners risk. Tarrant Valley Camping accepts no liability for loss or damage to cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles

General Agreements

You are in a natural environment and as such you agree to respect noise levels,all flora and fauna. Any damage, wilful or negligent, will be taken seriously and may result in you and your party being requested to leave the campsite. In such cases we will treat your booking as having been cancelled by you and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Now all the formalities are over with,we Thank you for your cooperation and would like to wish you a wonderful stay at Tarrant Valley Camping.

Happy Camping!